I wish to thank Dr. Ryan Hackett for the #Quarantunes nomination - but more importantly, to thank Ryan and all you other healthcare heroes, first responders, and essential workers (our newest class of heroes) out yonder who are leading the fight against Covid-19 on our behalf. Even as is it becoming more difficult for you to do so when many of our political "leaders" are undermining what you do every step of the way. We owe you our lives, no doubt!! 

Aside from listening, looking, and hopefully laughing at my musical contribution below -- please take a moment to contribute to the World Health Organization (WHO) at this link to help in their battle with Covid-19: 


Anyway, enough soapboxing - but keep scrubbing them hands!! 
Let's blow this Covid-19 up!! 

My #Quarantunes are: 
Lullaby Redux 
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya 
The Flax in Full Boom 

I'd like to further nominate: 

Mick Foster 
Mirella Murray 
Kathleen Boyle 
Karen Tweed 
Edel Nic Lochlainn 

How it works: 
1. Share your tunes 
2. Use the hashtag #Quarantunes 
3. Include the WHO donation link: https://covid19responsefund.org/ 
4. Nominate your friends to take part

Thank you all for your suppor

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