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Irish Traditional Music fans: how do you currently purchase new recordings?

Compact Disc? 5
Digital Download (iTunes, Amazon, etc)? 2
Subscription Streaming (Spotify, Apple Music, etc)? 1
8 responses
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In the "now for something completely different" category -- musician, historian, and my buddy Bucky Halker interviewed me a few years back as part of the "Cultural Traditions of Ironworkers in America's Upper Midwest : Archie Green Fellows Project" for…

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John Fron (1945-2018)

It is often said that you can’t choose your neighbors - but if you are as lucky as Susie and I were in this regard, you may end up with the best as we did with John and Vicki Fron…

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Jimmy Keane CelticMKE interview

Artist Spotlight: Piano Accordionist Jimmy Keane 


You grew up around music & your parents encouraged you to play, but what drew you to the piano accordion? 

J: It is a bit odd…

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The Horse Keane and Sean McGuire...

Liz Carroll recently sent me an article written by Martin McGinley about the late great fiddler Sean McGuire (1927-2005). Liz asked me to make sure I read it all the way through. And lo and behold, there was a Sean…

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Trad Music Survey May 27-29, 2017 

Trad Music Survey May 27-29, 2017 

Surveyor/Pollster: Jimmy Keane 

100 Participants 

This was a non-scientific survey posted on social media and by direct outreach to some of my musician friends. 

Aside from cleaning up some text…

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Margie Dennehy (1936-2017)

Saddened to learn of the passing of Margie Dennehy on Sunday evening. Margie, along with her late husband Dennis, were co-founders of Dennehy Irish Dance. Margie was its heart and soul and was one of the nicest and kindest people…

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oom... '-)

If womb is pronounced "woom" and tomb is pronounced "toom" -- shouldn't bomb be pronounced "boom"?? 

Oh wait... :-)