I publish my music works (tunes and compositions) under the banner of:

Jimmy Keane (Cappal Beag Music) 

I am affiliated with BMI for performance royalty collection worldwide and The Harry Fox Agency for mechanical royalty collection on a worldwide basis.

If you have a question about a particular work which you would like to record or use in any media format, please contact me here.

To obtain a mechanical license to record one of my works (and you intend to distribute 2500 units or less of discs and/or digital formats), please use the link below to the Harry Fox Songfile service where you will be able to search the tune/song or writer/composer and secure the proper licensing for your needs. Information will be provided at The Harry Fox Agency website if you intend to distribute in excess of 2500 units.

Harry Fox Songfile

The Harry Fox system is very easy to navigate and they are very helpful if you run into any difficulties. The whole licensing process should only take a few minutes.

Please note: if you decide to use one of my works, please let me know -- I'd love to hear what you've done and obtain a copy for our library of works covered by other artists...

Thanks and best of luck with the recording!

All the best,