What am I up to now you ask?
January 2019
  • Performing in Dublin ireland for the Temple Bar Trad Fest with the one and only Liz Carroll -- it has been over 40 years since we played in Ireland as a duo. It'll be one for the ages!!
  • Working on a new couple, two, three projects!
  • Freeing a few albatrosses...
  • Writing new music, collecting & assembling old tunes for a couple, two, three recording projects...
  • Writing new music and polishing up some of my unfinished compositions to publish in a tunebook. Here are a few of my compositions which will be part of the new book.
  • And in the words of the late great musician and humorist Kenneth "Jethro" Burns when Jethro asked the equally brilliant Mick Moloney what he was up to? Mick replied in his native Limerick accent: "Playing music and trying to keep one step ahead of the posse," to which Jethro looked out to the audience and said in his southern accent: "Did he say posse?" ;-))
Thanks to Derek Sivers for another great idea!

Done Did That...

  • Spent the last three months before December 2017 working on a new additional career -- only to find out in the 11th hour, that I would have to give up performing music to continue in the now defunct new additional career. I'm still pissed off with the unreasonable and unacceptable demand and how they ended up lying to me about a few days before I was to legally begin. Anyway, the bright side: I learned that I can learn something brand new from far afield and become relatively proficient at it in a short time span -- so that is a good take away. Onward and upward!
  • Started promoting a few Trad concerts here in Chicago under the banner of the Irish Music Club -- first up on August 24 with Pauline Conneely and the second on September 14 with Aoife Scott. Testing the waters... ;-)
  • 18 years of bohola? Yes indeed although it is hard to believe... A very successful, sold out fun concert on Friday, May 12th, 7PM at Chief O'Neill's in Chicago
  • Had a great few days of music with my fellow All-Ireland Duet winner Liz Carroll in Boonville MO
  • Another sold out show of A Mighty Squeeze with John Williams on Saturday March 4th in Chicago!!
  • First gig with the multi-instrumentalist and singer David Curley -- a grand lad -- at Chicago Gaelic Park Irish Festival on Memorial Day...
  • Played a most enjoyable guest spot with longtime friends Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago May 28th -- they are brilliant musicians!
  • Just won the Midwest Fleadh Cheoil with the Broken Pledge Ceili Band! Last time I was in a ceili band was back in 1975 with the WIndy City Ceili Band when we competed in the All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil in Buncrana, County Donegal. We were disqualified then for playing polkas (or as Paddy Cronin once referred to them as "baby tunes") - it was before they were recognized in competitions... ;-))
  • Filling in and rehearsing with longtime friends the Broken Pledge Ceili Band at the request of Marty Fahey to compete in the Midwest Fleadh Cheoil next month.
  • Myself and fellow accordionist John Williams are back with "A Mighty Squeeze" with a couple of shows in Chicago on March 5th and one in Milwaukee on April 9th. Working on a few new tunes for the shows...
  • Honored to take part in the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising on Easter Monday, March 28th, at the National Concert Hall in Dublin Ireland. I'll be performing with Moloney, O'Connell, and Keane -- that's me ;-)) --  along with Paul Brady, Rosanne Cash, Rodney Crowell, Tim O'Brien, Andy Irvine, Maura O'Connell and a few others.
  • And from the "now for something completely different" files: learning the first John Prine album ("John Prine") to perform live with Alejandro Escovedo and Nicholas Tremulis in Chicago this January. Dunno, but don't hear any accordion on them there tracks... ;-))
  • Preparing to head back "home" to Ireland for the first time in nearly five years -- this after going once or twice a year consistently since 1974. Long time. Too busy. But as with the Irish saying, "God made time, but man made haste"...
  • Rehearsing with Liz Carroll for an upcoming performance to celebrate the 40th anniversary of us winning the 1975 All-Ireland Senior Duet Championship. bohola bandmate Pat Broaders will be on the show too. Liz and I swapped some newly composed tunes and dug up a few oldies to perform. It'll be a great show!!