Ten Albums

Pre-ramble: Musician Seán Montgomery and Irish Trad music radio presenter Maryann Keifer nominated me for a post-for-ten-days yokeybob album thingy.

I decided to expand it a wee bit as many of my friends don't know much about traditional Irish music and song — not like I know much more — so I've included the opening tracks of these particular albums I've selected. Tomorrow could be an entirely different set as could an hour from now. When one gets bitten/exposed/grew-up-with trad music it stays with you forever— for better or worse — and any new listening (or re-listening) teaches you something and gives you a different take or twist on a tune or song as it was delivered by the musician(s) you are now listening to.

And you know they went through the same process whether they learned from family, friends, school, phonorecord, book, or as the late fiddler and storyteller Junior Crehan would tell of getting the music straight from the Luathradawns (fairies)…


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