Happy Heavenly 93rd Birthday Horse!!

This Xmas Eve would have been the Horse's 93rd birthday. It was heartwarming, sad, and joyous revisiting my thirty brief years with the Horse this past year and a half whilst putting together my musical memory HORSE in his honor. 

I’d like to think he would have gotten a full whack of contentment out of the whole project and would have been proud of me for doing so – and maybe even a big gentle clatter on me shoulder from his massive hand – I say gentle now as if it were full force I’d be like the Black Knight from “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” pretending it was just a scratch as I view my left arm upon the ground… 

If you have a moment, I have two tracks for your listening and reading pleasure up on my website. They are the first track with the Horse singing An Sagart O'Domhnaill (The Priest O'Donnell) along with a couple of tunes by me. And a little further down the page, the 150th track (out of 192) with myself and Dennis Cahill playing two tunes I put together for the Horse years ago: On the Eve of Christmas & Horse Keane’s Hornpipe. 

Wishing you and yours a mighty Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 

And Happy Heavenly Birthday Horse!!

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