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Review: Liz Carroll -- "On the Offbeat"

Liz Carroll, my lifelong friend and the most amazing musician I’ve ever known, is releasing her first solo recording in eleven years next Tuesday, November 17, 2013.

We grew up playing music together and I learned a ton about music…

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nice... ;-))

From Christy Moore (

I played a gig last night at the opening of this years "Masters of the Tradition" festival, which is celebrating its 7th year. I enjoyed playing with Martin Hayes, Dennis Cahill and Damian Mullane. The…Read more

Old Town School with the Karan Casey Band

Had great fun playing last night at the Old Town School with the Karan Casey band -- Karan, Caoimhin Vallely, Kate Ellis, and Ross Martin were simply amazingly brilliant. The best I've ever heard Karan with three musicians who melded…Read more

The Beatles: remastered masterpieces...

 I listened to nearly 10 and a half hours of the remastered Beatles in my studio yesterday.

The reissues were sonically superior to all previous versions (and that was even after I made the transfer from disc to iTunes).…Read more

Liam Clancy & The Yellow Bittern

I was fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time with Liam Clancy over the years - quite the man and musician. Looking forward to this documentary when it is released in the US


Last Clancy…Read more

The Piano Accordion

Long time since I posted anything -- I did say it would be sporadic -- but I came across this article written by fellow (and she not be a fella) accordion player Edel McLaughlin. A good read and I get…Read more

da Smithereens...

Met up with long-time friend Mike Courtney last night in the city. Turns out Mike had an extra ticket to see the Smithereens at the Beverly Arts Center which he kindly talked me into going. A double first time for…Read more

An Irish Homecoming...

Recently completed the first leg of a new show put together by Joanie Madden called "An Irish Homecoming." It features Joanie & Cherish the Ladies, Maura O'Connell, bohola (Pat Broaders and I), Dermot Henry, and a rake of dancers including…Read more

welcome “back” again

(Full Disclosure: I currently work with Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill as the music publishing administrator for Martin and as Dennis’ music publisher under my music publishing company Cappal Beag Music. I also am Dennis’ personal manager although he does…Read more

Masters of Tradition

A spectacular five days of pure music. Without a doubt, the finest traditional music festival anywhere, held in the equally impressive Bantry House, Bantry, Co. Cork.

Artistic director Martin Hayes opened the festival with a breathtaking solo set…Read more


Rain. Music. More Rain. More Music. Much More Rain and Music. Much Much More Music and Rain. Massive lashings of both, but the Music won out.

Friday night’s main concert was a Clare & Galway smorgasbord with…Read more

boxes galore...

Attended an interesting concert at the Glor Theatre in Ennis on Sunday night. It featured three box players, Josephine Marsh (pictured above), Derek Hickey (ex-De Dannan) and Dermot Byrne (Altan). There were accompanied by Ed Boyd (guitar) and John…Read more

Pride of the West

Just purchased a copy of a brilliant duet recording called “Pride of the West” with John Wynne (flute) and John McEvoy (fiddle) now available on CIC Records. I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing John Wynne on Friday…Read more