Trad Music Survey May 27-29, 2017 

Trad Music Survey May 27-29, 2017 

Surveyor/Pollster: Jimmy Keane 

100 Participants 

This was a non-scientific survey posted on social media and by direct outreach to some of my musician friends. 

Aside from cleaning up some text and quantifying the same answers by adding the amount "(x)" before the item, I left it alone. 

I also added any comments from the survey questions to the bottom of each question, along with a "zz" or "x" for sorting purposes. 

Whenever my own name appeared in the survey answers -- I was going to delete/not report it, but ended up leaving it in -- although I take it with a ton of salt (as should you)… ;-) 

In looking over the answers I noticed that what some responders considered a certain tune or song as "traditional," -- may not be thought of by others as "traditional," including me. 

But that is a whole topic which I think deserves a survey of its own (someday by me, or if anyone want to take up that mantle)... 

One result which stood out for me was that 53 musicians/singers responded that they composed 635 new tunes and/or songs (in total). 

As this is a living tradition I think it bodes well. After all, someone at some point wrote "that tune" or penned "that song" 

Speaking of tune composers/song writers -- a few answers also identified the writer of tune/song. If I've some spare time, I'll go back and add composers names to the uncredited ones. 

If you know them, please pop me a line with the tune/song and it's writer -- it will save me time. 

Likewise if you notice any spelling errors, especially of any musician's names and/or tune titles, please let me know. 

Thank you all for taking the time to participate in this survey. We are fortunate to be part of this wonderful music tradition! 

All the best, 


Primary instrument? 

(1) Banjo and Accordion 

(1) Bodhran and Singer 

(1) Ceili drums 

(1) Concertina and Piano 

(1) Concertina and Singer 

(1) Guitar and Singer 

(1) Harp 

(1) Mandolin 

(1) Piano 

(1) Tin Whistle and Flute 

(1) Uilleann Pipes 

(2) Bouzouki 

(3) Bodhran 

(4) Concertina 

(5) Banjo 

(6) Button Accordion 

(6) Flute 

(6) Tin Whistle 

(7) Guitar 

(8) Piano Accordion 

(17) Singer 

(29) Fiddle

If you are a traditional Singer, do you sing in English, Irish, or Both? 

(8) Both English and Irish 

(27) English 

Q1 What was the first traditional tune or song you learned? 

(2) Blarney Pilgrim 

(2) Cooley's 

(2) Fainne Geal an Lae 

(2) Fields of Athenry (by Peter Mooney aka Pete St. John) 

(2) Mountain Road (by Michael Gorman) 

(2) Out On The Ocean 

(2) Soldiers Joy 

(2) The Coulin 

(2) The Dawning of the Day (march) 

(2) The Sally Gardens (tune) 

(2) Kesh Jig 

(4) Dawning of the Day 

(5) Sean South 

(7) Can't Recall 

An Puc ar Buille 

Arthur McBride 

Banish Misfortune 

Boys of Bluehill 

Brian Boru's March 

Britches Full of Stitches 

Cock of the North 

Cow that ate the Blanket 

Crooked Jack 

Devil's Dream 

Drowsy Maggie 

Eagles Whistle 

Farewell to Nova Scotia 

Fermoy Lasses 

Finnish Polka 

Gallagher' Frolics 

Greenland Whale Fisheries 

Harvest Home 

Irish Washerwoman 

Kerry Polka 

Lilting Banshee 

Lucy Farr's Barn Dance 

Man of the House 

May Morning Dew 

Merry Blacksmith 

Molly Malone 

Morrison's Jig 

Mug of Brown Ale 

My Lagan Love 

My Pup Came Home from Claedeach 

Nil Na La 

O'Keeffe's slide 

Old Hag you have Killed Me 

Omie Wise (American) 

Patriot Game 

Pigeon on the Gate 

Planxty George Brabazon 

Red Haired Boy 

Rolling in the Rye Grass 

Roving Journeyman 

S'Bheag, S'Mhore 

She Moved Through The Fair 

Skibbereen (song) 

Swallow's Tail (reel) 

The Banshee 

The Boys of Blue Hill 

The Dawning of the Day 

The Gander's Strut (a Peter Turbit highland) 

The Lark in the Morning 

The Leaving of Liverpool 

The Leprechaun 

The Old Grey Goose 

The Red Haired Boy (Little Beggarman) 

The Rossmore Jetty 

The Silver Spear 

The Temperance Reel 

The Yellow Bonnet 

Three Leaf Shamrock Waltz 

Timmy Clifford 

Tripping up the Stairs 

Valley of Knockanure 

Weelia Wallia 

Whiskey Before Breakfast 

Willie Coleman's jig 

Wind that Shakes the Barley (Sean Nos version) 

Wind That Shakes the Barley (tune) 

z Don't Know Any 

Q2 What was the most recent tune or song you learned? 

(2) Phyllis's Birthday Reel (by Josephine Marsh) 

A Shetland Hornpipe 

Asthore Machte 

Baltimore Beginners 

Bend in the Road 

Bluemont Waltz 

Boyne Hunt 

Bright Blue Rose 

Brosna Slide 

Burning Brakes 

Bus Stop Reel 

Carolan's Draught 

Christmas Eve 

Clumsy Lover 

Cuz Teahan's Favourite (slide) 

Dooney Rock 

Ed Reavey reel 

Farewell to Nigg 

Feel so Near 

Galway (by Oliver St.John Gogarty) 

Galway Rambler 

George People's reel 

Golden Keyboard 

Good Ship Kangaroo 

Gooseberry Bush 

Green Fields of Woodford 

Helvic Head 

Holy Ground 

Homer's Reel 

Horse Keane's Hornpipe (by Jimmy Keane) 

Hunter's House 

I Have No Money 

If Ever You Were Mine 

If You Come at All (by Alan Burke) 

Inïon an Fhaoit ón Gleann 

Jack Broke the Prison Door 

Joe Bane's 

Killeigh Hornpipe 

Kitty in the Lane 

Last Train from Loughrea 

Lost in the Loop (by Liz Carroll) 

McAlpine's Fusiliers 

Moon Reel 

Mouth of the Tobique 

Music for a found harmonium 

My Lovely Rose of Clare 

My Maryann 

Nine Points of Roguery 

Open the Door for Three 

Over The Moor to Maggie 

Pachelbel's "Cannon in D" 

Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore 

Paddy's Lament 

Pearl O'Shaughnessy's Barndance 

Rose and Kathleen's Slip Jig 

Scholar Reel (Finbar Dwyer's Version) 

Shades of Gloria - (not trad, but Gerry O'Beirne wrote it so it counts) 

Shores of Loch Bran 


Skullcrusher Mountain (not trad) 

Soggy's Slip Jig 

Strike The Gay Harp 

Sumy Banks 

The Beech Tree 

The Bold Fenian Men 

The Cameronian 

The Contender (by Jimmy McCarthy) 

The Duet Hornpipe 

The Eavesdropper 

The Four Shoves 

The Galtee reel 

The Half-Door 

The Half-Door 

The Hills of Tara 

The Lakes of Killarney 

The Last Waltz 

The Morning Lark Jig 

The Parting Glass 

The Peacock 

The Rollicking Boys of Tandaragee 

The Rookery reel 

The Ruisin Reel 

The Silver Spire 

The Street Player 

The Traveler 

The Trip We Took Over The Mountain 

The Whistler of Rosslea 

The Widow's Daughter 

The Windmill 

This Town Is Not Your Own. 

Trim the Velvet (Donegal Version) 

West Coast of Clare 

x All by osmosis these days; I hardly know any tune names 

x Haven't a clue (been a while) 

x I make up my own 

x Not sure 

x Tunepal would know 

Q3 What are your five most favorite tunes or songs at the moment? 

(2) Alexander's Hornpipe 

(2) Banks of Lough Gowna 

(2) Battle of Aughrim 

(2) Bonny Crossing the Rhine 

(2) Devaney's Goat reel 

(2) Frank's Reel 

(2) Galway rambler 

(2) If Ever You Were Mine 

(2) Jenny's Welcome to Charlie 

(2) Johnny Cope 

(2) King of the Fairies 

(2) Lawson's Hornpipe 

(2) Letterfrack 

(2) Miss McLeod 

(2) Out on the Ocean 

(2) Paddy Fahey's jig (by Paddy Fahey) 

(2) Plains of Boyle 

(2) Red Haired Boy 

(2) Rookery Reel 

(2) Skibbereen 

(2) The Carracastle Lass 

(2) The Duet Hornpipe 

(2) The Gold Ring 

(2) The Lark in the Clear Air 

(2) The Old Gold Ring 

(2) The porthole of the kelp (by Bobby Casey) 

(2) The Whistler of Rosslea (by Ed Reavy) 

(3) Music For A Found Harmonium (by Simon Jeffes) 

(3) Soggy's Slip Jig (by Sean Og Graham) 

(3) Spike Island Lasses 

(4) Song For Ireland (by Phil Colclough) 

(4) The Beare Island Reel (by Finbarr Dwyer) 

Across the Blue Mountains 

Across the Road 

Ae Fond Kiss 

Ally's waltz 

Always on My Mind 

Amhrán Na Leabhar 

An Buachaillin Donn 

An Coisir 

An Phis Fhliuch 

An Poc ar Buile 

Asthore Machte 

Back Home in Derry 

Bag of Spuds 

Banish Misfortune 

Bank of Ireland 


Bantry Bay 

Bantry Bay hornpipe 

Barbara Allen 

Bedlam Boys 

Bell Cow 

Ben Hill 

Blarney Pilgrim 

Bluemont Waltz 

Bold Doherty 

Bonkers in Yonkers 

Boys on the Hilltop 

Brendan Callahan 

Brendan Keenan's Jig 

Bright Side of the Moon (by Cyril O'Donoghue) 

Brosnan's Reel 

Bunch of Green Rushes 

Calliope House 

Castle Kelly's 

Chief O'Neill's 

Christmas Eve 

City of Chicago 

Cleveland park 

Cliffs of Moher 

College Groves 

Concertina Reel 

Creggan White Hare 

Crested Hens 

Cutting a Slide (by Phil Cunningham) 

Cuz Teahan's Fling 

Cuz Teahan's 

Dark Eyed Sailor 

Dark Inishowen 

Dawning Of The Day 

Dinny O'Brien 

Diplodocus (by Liz Carroll) 

Dobbin's Flowery Vale 

Doctor O'Neill 

Don't know any 

Donegal Danny 

Dowd's Number Nine 

Dr. Gilbert's 

Drops of Spring Water 

Drowsy Maggie 

Drumraney lass 

Easter Snow 

EBE reel (by Liz Carroll) 

Eileen O'Brien's 

Eleanor Plunkett 

Ellen Brown 

Erin Shore (aka Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore) 

Errant Apprentice 

Exile of Erin 

Fairest of all Yarrow 

Far From Home 

Farewell to Ireland 

Farewell to London (by Brendan McGlinchey) 

Farewell to Milltown malbay 

Farewell to Miltown 

Father Kelly's Reel - but not the one everyone plays 

Feel so near 

Finbar Dwyer's favorite jig 

Finbarr Dwyer's Scholar reel 

Flower of Sweet Strabane 

Fogo Island 

Follow The Heron Home (by Karine Polwart) 

Fox hunters 

Foxie Mary 

Funky Jig 

Gallagher's frolics 


Galway Bay 

Galway Girl 

Garrett Barry's 

Golden eagle hornpipe 

Golden Keyboard 


Graf Spey 

Green Fields of France 

Green Groves of Erin 

Guns of the magnificent seven 

Gypsy Princess 

Happy jig 

Helvic head 

Humors of Ballyloughlin 

Humours of Ennistymon 

I'm the boy for bewitching 

I'm Waiting For You 

Imelda Roland's 

In the Tap Room (Reel) 

Independence Trail 

Irish Washerwoman 

Jackie Coleman's 

James Connelly 

Jenny's Chickens 

Jimmy's return 

John Kelly's 

John of Dreams 

Johnny Cronin's reel 

Kerry Polka 

Kid on the Mountain 

Kilfenora #1 

Kilfenora #2 

King of the Pipers 

Kings of Kerry 

Kinnegad Slashers 

Lad O'Beirne reel 

Lady Anne Montgomery 

Lady Fair 

Lakes of Pontchartrain 

Land o the Leal 

Last of the Mohicans Theme 

Last waltz 

Laurel Hill 

Leaving Of Liverpool 

Leitrim fancy 

Limerick Lasses 

Little bird 

Lovely Rose of Clare 

Lump of pudding 

Maggie's Pancakes 

Maids of Castlebar 

Maids of Mt. Kisco 

Maids of Selma 

Martin Wynn's #2 

Matty Groves 

May We All Some Day Meet Again 

McAlpine's Fusiliers 

McDermott's reel 


McIntyre's favorite jig 

Miss Lyon's Fancy 

Morning Star 

Mountain Dew (song) 

Muireann's Jig (by Niall Vallely) 

Mussels in the Corner 

My Heart's Tonight In Ireland 

Ned Kelly's polka 

Ned of the Hill (air) 

Neil Gow's Lament For His 2nd Wife 

North South 

November Waltz (by Rob Harbron) 

O'Carolan's Draught 

O'Dowd's number 2 

Old Grey Cat 

Ormond Sound (by Paddy O'Brien) 

Paddy Canny's 

Paddy Fahey Jig in G minor 

Paddy Fahey reel (any Paddy Fahey tune) 

Paddy Goes To London 

Paddy's Trip to Scotland 

Palmer's Gate 

Paul O'Shaughnessy's Barndance 


Plains of Waterloo 

Plantxy Fanny Powers 

Platinum Ring 

Pol Ha'Penny 

Primrose Lass 

Providence reel 

Queen of the Fair. 

Rakish Paddy 



Reel from Manila (by Fr. Kelly) 

Reel of Rio (by Sean Ryan) 

Roaring Barmaid 

Rocking the Cradle 

Rollicking Boys of Tonderagee 

Rose and Kathleen's Slip Jig 


Sadhbh Ní Bhruinnealla 

Sailor's Bonnet 

Scatter the Mud 

Seallaibh Curaidh Eoghainn 

Sevens (by Liz Carroll) 

Shades of Gloria 


Ships Are Sailing 

Siege of Ennis 

Smash The Windows jig 

Soldier's Joy 

Sport (by Peadar O Riada) 

Sporting paddy 


Stor Ma Chroi 

Strayaway Child 

Taimse Im'Chodhladh 

Tell Her I am 

Templehouse Jig 

The Ballydesmond Polkas 

The Ballyoran Hornpipe 

The Belles of Tipperary 

The Boy in the Gap 

The Boy in the Gap reel (Johnny McGreevy version) 

The Boys of Barr Na Sraide 

The Boys of Blue Hill 

The Bucks of Oranmore 

The Cameronian reel 

The Conor Stone Jig (by Josie Keegan) 

The Crock of Gold 

The Dairy Maid 

The Dawning of the Day (march) 

The Deer's March 

The Ebb Tide 

The Few Bob 

The Final Trawl 

The Galway Reel 

The Golden Eagle 

The Gravel Walks 

The Green Fields of Canada (Paddy Tunney's Version) 

The Groves hornpipe 

The Half-Door 

The Hills of Tara 

The Holy Ground 

The Home Ruler (hornpipe) 

The Hunt 

The Hut on Staffin Island 

The Jolly Tinker 

The Kilfenora Jigs 

The Killavil (reel) 

The Killavil Jig 

The Lads of Laois 

The Lark in the Clear Air 

The Limestone Rock 

The Long Drop 

The Magpie 

The Maid of Cabra West 

The Monaghan Jig 

The morning dew 

The Mountain Road 

The New Land 

The new policeman 

The Night Visit Song 

The Old Bush 

The Parting Glass 

The Parting Song (by Judy Goodenough) 

The penny candle 

The Pinery Boy 

The Red Bee 

The Rookery 

The Rossmore Jetty 

The Sally Gardens (reel) 

The scholar 

The Shannon Breeze reel 

The Shaskeen Reel 

The Siege Of Ennis 

The Soldier's Story (by Mike Devin) 

The Tarbolton 

The Torn Jacket 

The Trip to Durrow 

The Valley of Jarama 

The Virginian 

The Water Is Wide 

The Wexford Carol 

The Wind that Shakes the Barley 

The Windmill 

The Windy City (reel) 

The Wise Maid 

The yellow tinker 

This Town Is Not Your Own 

Tommy Coen's 

Tribute to Jimmy Keane (by Liz Carroll) 

Trip to Durrow 

Trip to nenagh 


Two Fifty to Vigo 

Tyra avs 

Up Downy Reel (by Tola Custy) 

Valparaison Round The Horn 

Waltz of the toys 

Warbling Robin 


Whistler at the Wake 

White Petticoat 

Wind that shakes the barley (in G) 

Woman of the House 

z I don't have favorites of the moment, only whatever happens on a whim, often selected because I haven't played it recently 

z Loads of polkas his reels useless at remembering names 

z These are very hard questions. 

Q4 Have you composed any tunes or songs? 

(47) No 

(53) Yes 

Q5 If you composed tunes or songs, how many? 

(635) Tunes and/or Songs composed 

Q6 Who was your main influence when you started playing or singing traditional music? 

(2) Andy McGann 

(2) Billy McComiskey 

(2) Bobby Casey 

(2) Bothy Band 

(2) Brian Finnegan 

(2) DeDanann 

(2) Dermot O'Brien 

(2) Dick Gaughan 

(2) Donal Lunny 

(2) Enda Scahill 

(2) Frank Harte 

(2) Gerry O'Connor 

(2) Jack Coen 

(2) James Kelly 

(2) Jerry O'Sullivan 

(2) Joe Burke 

(2) Joe Cooley 

(2) John Joe Kelly 

(2) Josephine Marsh 

(2) Kevin Griffin 

(2) Malcolm Dalglish 

(2) Matt Cranitch 

(2) Mick Moloney 

(2) Niamh Parsons 

(2) Ronnie Drew 

(2) The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem 

(2) The Pogues 

(3) Altan 

(3) Andy Irvine 

(3) Frankie Gavin 

(3) Kevin Crawford 

(3) Mary Bergin 

(3) Planxty 

(3) Solas 

(3) Tommy Makem 

(4) Jimmy Keane 

(4) Liam Clancy 

(4) Martin Hayes 

(4) Mary Black 

(4) The Dubliners 

(5) Christy Moore 

(5) Dolores Keane 

(5) The Chieftains 

(7) Tommy Peoples 

(8) Father, Mother, Sibling 

(8) Liz Carroll 

(10) Kevin Burke 

Annmarie O'Riordan 

Armin Barnett 

Barney McKenna 

Bill Ochs 

Bill Spence 

Billy McComiskey 

Bobby Casey 

Bobby Martin 


Boys of the Lough 

Brendan Bulger 

Brendan Keenan 

Brendan Mulkere 

Brendan Mulvihill 

Brian Conway 

Brian Harris 

Brian McGrath 

Brian O'Donovan's Celtic Sojourn Show on WGBH. 

Brighid Malone & The Gaping Maw 

Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh 

Cathal Hayden 

Cathal McConnell 

Catherine McEvoy 

Cathy Whitesides 

Christy Barry 

Christy Barry 


Cormac Breathnach 

Daithi Sproule 

Dale Dahl 

Danny Ringrose 

Darracha O Brian 

Dave Agee 

Davy Spillane 

Delia Murphy recording 

Denis Murphy & Julia Clifford recording (The Star Above the Garter) 

Dennis Cahill 

Dennis O'Brien 

Dermot Byrne 

Ed Paloucek 

Eileen Ivers 

Eithne Ni Uallachain 

Eleanor Kane Neary 

Eric Thompson 

Father played and sang 

Fergal Scahill 

Finbarr Dwyer 

Fintan Vallely 

Flogging Molly 

Frank Edgley 

Gavin Coyle 

Gerry Banjo O'Connor 

Grey Larsen 

Hanneke  Cassel 

Hugh Healy 

Irish music performed live 

James Keane 

Jamie Gans 

Jamo Considine 

Jeremy Kammerer 

Jerry O'Connor 

Jimmy Early 

Joan Baez 

Joanie Madden 

Joe O'Donovan 

Joe Ryan 

John Bowe 

John Carty 

John Ferguson 

John Jacob Niles 

John Renborne 

John Whelan 

Johnny Cronin 

Johnny McGreevy 

Jonnie Hardie (Scottish) 

Judy Collins 

Karen Tweed 

Kathleen Smyth 

Kell Chole 

Kevin Conniff 

Kevin Griffin 

Kevin McGillian 

Kingston Trio 

Larry McCullough 

Len Graham 

Leslie Jones 

Liam O'Flynn 

Lisa Butler 

Local session players 

Local teacher 

Loretta Egan Murphy 

Loretto Reid 

Luke Kelly 


Maddy Prior 

Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh 

Manus Lunny 

Marcas O'Murchu 

Marcus Hernon 

Marcus O'Murraghu 

Maria Terres Sandgren 

Marie Ni Chathasaigh 

Marla Fibish 

Martin Byrne 

Martin Byrnes 

Martin Connolly 

Martin Donohoe 

Martin Doyle 

Martin Guilfoyle 

Martin Mulvihill 

Martin O'Neill 

Matt Malloy 

Mick Crehan 

Mick Foster 

Mick Hand 

Mick OConnor 

Mickey Dunne 

Mike Chole 

Mike Rafferty 

Murphy Roche Ceili Band 

Niamh Farrell 

Nicky McAulliffe 

Noel Hill 

Noel O'Donoghue 

Noel Pocock 

Oisin mac Diarmada 

Paddy Carty 

Paddy Cronin 

Paddy Gavin 

Paddy O'Brien (Tipperary) 

Paddy Reynolds 

Paddy Ryan 

Paddy Tunney 

Paidragin Ni Uallachain 

Pat McCabe 

Patricia Flynn 

Patrick Ourceau 

Patrick Street 

Paul Brady 

Paul Brady (guitar) 

Pete Seeger 

Pete Ward 

Peter Grew 

Peter Horan 

Peter Houlahan 

Peter Paul and Mary 

Phil Cunningham 

PJ Hernon 

PJOE Hayes 

Qristina Bachand 

Raymond Delf 

Ringo McDonagh 

Roisin Elsafty 

Rolf Wagels 

Seamus Connolly 

Seamus Ennis 

Seamus Meehan 

Sean Keane 

Sean Potts 

Sean Vaughan 

Silly Wizard 

Stan Rogers 

Stevie Dunne 

Sue Thompson 

Svend Kjeldsen 

Teresa Shine DeVan 

Terry Bingham 

Thady Casey 

The Bothy Band 

The Fureys 

The Irish Rovers 

The Kilfenora 

The Kingston Trio 

The local session. 

Tom Delany 

Tom McCarthy 

Tommy Potts 

Tony Mc Mahon 

Tony O Holleran 

Tony O'Connell 

Willie Clancy 

z My main influence was growing up in a Irish Catholic family on the south side of Chicago. 

z Whoever came to tour in Germany (sources were rare in the seventies) 

Q7 Who are five of your favorite traditional musicians or singers (past or present)? 

(2) Altan 

(2) Brendan Bulger 

(2) Brendan Mulvihill 

(2) Brian Rooney 

(2) Catherine McEvoy 

(2) Charlie Lennon 

(2) Charlie Piggott 

(2) Cillian Vallely 

(2) Cormac Breathnach 

(2) Darren Breslin 

(2) Dennis Cahill 

(2) Dennis Murphy 

(2) Dougie MacLean 

(2) Eileen Ivers 

(2) Eilis Kennedy 

(2) Enda Scahill 

(2) Frankie Gavin 

(2) Gearoid o hAllmhurain 

(2) Hans Araki 

(2) Joe Cooley 

(2) Joe Derrane 

(2) John Carty 

(2) Julia Clifford 

(2) Kate Rusby 

(2) Kevin Crawford 

(2) Liam Clancy 

(2) Liam O'Flynn 

(2) Liz Knowles 

(2) Martin O Connor 

(2) Paddy Cronin 

(2) Paddy Reilly 

(2) Ronnie Drew 

(2) The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem 

(2) We Banjo 3 

(2) Winifred Horan 

(3) Brid Harper 

(3) Cathal Hayden 

(3) Dermot Byrne 

(3) Dick Gaughan 

(3) Fergal Scahill 

(3) Joanie Madden 

(3) Josephine Marsh 

(3) Karan Casey 

(3) Kevin Conneff 

(3) Luke Kelly 

(3) Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh 

(3) Martin Byrnes 

(3) Michael Coleman 

(3) Michael McGoldrick 

(3) Mick Moloney 

(3) Paddy Keenan 

(3) The High Kings 

(3) Tommy Makem 

(4) Bobby Casey 

(4) Caoimhin O Raghallaigh 

(4) Dolores Keane 

(4) Jackie Daly 

(4) Joe Burke 

(4) John Whelan 

(4) John Williams 

(4) Mary Bergin 

(4) Matt Cranich 

(4) The Dubliners 

(4) Tommy Peoples 

(4) Tony MacMahon 

(5) Angelina Carberry 

(5) Billy McComiskey 

(5) Christy Moore 

(5) Frank Harte 

(5) James Kelly 

(5) Mary Black 

(5) Matt Molloy 

(5) Mike Rafferty 

(5) Moya Brennan 

(5) Noel Hill 

(5) Sharon Shannon 

(6) Paul Brady 

(8) Andy Irvine 

(9) John Doyle 

(11) Jimmy Keane 

(12) Martin Hayes 

(13) Kevin Burke 

(16) Liz Carroll 

Aine McGeeney 

Alan Burke 

Alan Kelly 

Andy M Stewart 

Archie Fisher 

Arty McGlynn 

Benedict Koehler 


Bill Spence 

Blackie O'Connell (pipes) 

Bobby Gardner 

Brendan Keenan 

Brian Conway 

Brian Finnegan 

Brian Hollerhan (flute) 

Brian McGrath 

Buddy Connolly 

Cathie Ryan 

Cherish The Ladies 

Chris Gray 

Clodagh Ryan 

Connie Connell 

Danny O'Mahony 

Danny Ringrose 

Daoiri Farrell 

David Power 

Derek Hickey 

Dermot Grogan 

Dermot Mullane 


Donal Lunny 

Donal Murphy 

Donal O'Connor 

Donncha O Briain 

Eamon Murray 

Eamonn Cotter 

Ed Miller 

Eileen O'Brien 

Fiachra O'Regan 

Finbarr Dwyer 

Frank Kelly 

Frankie Kennedy 

Fred Finn 

Gerry Banjo O'Connor 

Gerry O'Connor 

Hollie Greenwood 


Isaac Alderson 

Ivan Goff 

Jack Coen 

Jackie Coleman 

Jackie Moran 

James Cullinan 

James Morrison 

Jenny Willis 

Jerry O'Sullivan 

Jim Malcom 

Johhny Doherty 

John Blake 

John Bowe 

John Joe Kelly 

John Kennedy 

John McCormack 

John McCusker 

John McSherry 

Johnny Cronin 

Johnny Cunningham 

Johnny Keenan 

Johnny Mairtin Larry 

Josephine Keegan 

Julia Plumb 

Julie Fowlis 

June Tabor 

Junior Crehan 

Junior Davey 

Karen Tweed 

Kathleen Gavin 

Kathy Ryan 

Kevin Griffin 

Kevin Henry 

Kevin Keegan 

Kevin McGillian 

Kevin Mitchell 

Larry Gavin 

Len Graham 

Liam O'Brien 

Lisa Butler 

Loretta Egan Murphy 

Lucy Farr 

Luke Cheevers 

MacDarra O Raghallaigh 

Maddy Prior 


Marcus Hernon 

Marianne Campbell (Scotland) 

Marie Brennan 

Marla Fibish 

Martin Donohoe 

Martin O'Neill 

Marty Fahey 

Mary Ann Kennedy 

Mary Custy 

Mary MacNamara 

Maura O'Connell 

Maurice Lennon 

Micheal O Raghallaigh 

Micho Russell 

Mick O'Brien 

Mick O'Connor 

Mike Flanagan 

Moving Hearts 

Mrs Kenny 

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh 

Natalie MacMaster 

Nic Jones 

Nora Butler 

Oisin mac diarmada 

Owen Marshall 

P.V. O'Donnell 

Pa¡draig McGovern 

Paddy Canny 

Paddy Fahey 

Paddy Moloney 

Paddy O'Brien 

Paddy O'Brien (Tipperary) 

Paddy Tunney 

Padraig Sinnott 

Pat Broaders 

Patrick Cloonan 

Patrick Ourceau 

Patrick Street 

Patsy Hanly 

Patty Murphy 

Pecker Dunne 

Peter Horan 

Phil Cunningham 



Ringo McDonagh 

Ronan Martin 

Rose Conway Flanagan 

Rufus Guinchard 

Seamus Connolly 

Seamus Creagh 

Seamus Egan 

Seamus Ennis 

Seamus Kennedy 

Seamus Tansey 

Sean Keane 

Sean Potts 

Sean Ryan 

Sean Ryan (fiddle) 

Sean Tyrrel 

Shannon Heaton 

Siobhan Peoples 

Stan Rogers 

Susan McKeown 

Tara Diamond 

Terry Bingham 

The Fureys 

The Voice Squad 

Tommy Potts 

Tony Linnane 

Tony Nother 

Tony Rose 

Willie Hunter 

z Jesus that's a tough one! 

z Myself 

Optional Q1 Name five musicians (past or present) who you'd have play along with you in your ideal session? 

(2) Billy McComiskey 

(2) Brendan Bulger 

(2) Catherine McEvoy 

(2) Charlie Lennon 

(2) Cillian Vallely 

(2) Daithi Gormley 

(2) Dennis Cahill 

(2) Eileen Ivers 

(2) Fergal Scahill 

(2) Ivan Goff 

(2) Jimmy Devine 

(2) Joe Derrane 

(2) John Doyle 

(2) John Williams 

(2) Kevin Finucane 

(2) Larry Nugent 

(2) Liam O'Flynn 

(2) Luke Kelly 

(2) Mairtin O'Connor 

(2) Matt Cranitch 

(2) Matt Molloy 

(2) Patrick Ourceau 

(2) Sean Gavin 

(2) Winifred Horan 

(3) Jackie Moran 

(3) Joanie Madden 

(3) Martin Hayes 

(4) John Carty 

(4) Kevin Burke 

(10) Liz Carroll 

(13) Jimmy Keane 

Andreas Transa 

Andrew O'Brien 

Andy Irvine 

Angelina Carberry 

Anna Falkenau 

Annette Owens 

Athena Tergis 

Austin Dawe 

Billy Furlong 

Blackie O'Connell 

Bobby Casey 

Brendan Mulvihill 

Brian Finnegan 

Brian Hollerhan 

Brian Kelly 

Brian McGrath 

Brian o loughlin 

Brid Harper 

Brid O'Donoghue 

C.B. Heinemann 

Calum Pasqua 

Caoimhín Ó Sé 

Caoimhe kerins 

Cath Taylor 

Cathal Banjo Curran 

Charlie Piggott 

Chris Hyndericks 

Christian Stevens 

Colin Farrel 

Conor Keane 

Cormac Begley 

Cormac Breathnach 

Daithi Sproule 

Damien Connolly 

David Mehalko 

Declan Sinnott 

Dez Donnelly 

Dick Gaughan 

Dolores Keane 

Donal Clancy 

Donal Murphy 

Donal O`Connor 

Eamon Doorley 

Eamonn Coyne 

Eilis Kennedy 

Enda Scahill 

Eoin O'Neill 

Felim Collins 

Felix Dolan 

Frankie Gavin 

Fred Rice 

Garry O'Briain 

Ged Foley 

Gerry O'Connor 

Gustavo Lobão 

Hanz Araki 

Jack Coen 

Jackie Daly 

James Cullinan 

James Kelly 

James Morrison 

Jenny Willis 

Jesse Langen 

Joe Murtagh 

Joe Ryan 

Joey Abarta 

John Blake 

John Bowe 

John Boyce 

John Daly 

Johnny Connolly 

Johnny Cronin 

Johnny Giles 

Johnny Moynihan 

Josephine Marsh 

Justin Murphy 

Karen Tweed 

Karin Burke 

Kat Eggleston 

Kate Rusby 

Kevin Behan 

Kevin Crawford 

Kevin Keegan 

Liam Clancy 

Liam o brien 

Liz Gaughan 

Liz Knowles 

Lucy Farr 

Mairead Nic Fhinn 

Marcus Hernon 

Margaret Barry 

Martin Byrne 

Marty Fahey 

Mary Bergin 

Mary Black 

Mary Custy 

Maura O'Connell 

Maureen Glynn 

Mic O'Brien 

Michael Boyce 

Michael O Domnnhall 

Mick Conneely 

Mick Moloney 

Mike Chole 

Mike McGoldrick 

Mike Rafferty 

Mila Maia 

Miriam McCarthy 

Niall Mulligan 

Niamh Varian-Barry 

Noel Hill 

Noel O'Donoghue 

Paddy Keenan 

Paddy Morgan 

Paddy O'Brien 

Paddy O'Neill 

Paddy Reilly 

Padraig Keane 

Pat Broaders 

Pat Finnigan 

Pat Killbride 

Patrick J Quinn 

Paul Brady 

Paul Phillips 

Rachael Masterson 

Robyn Jedlicka 

Rose Flanagan 

Rose Flanagan 

Seamus Connolly 

Seamus Creagh 

Seamus Ennis 

Sean Keane 

Sean McDonagh 

Sean Potts 

Shane Mitchell 

Sharon Shannon 

Stan Rogers 

Steph Geremia 

Terry Bingham 

Tes Slominski 

Tim Collins 

Tim Dickey 

Tim Edey 

Tom Creegan 

Tommy Peoples 

William Corrigan 

Willy Kelly 

Zan McLeod 

zz (A more realistic list of people who I've played with, who if they all showed up to my own session I'd be really pretty excited because it would guarantee a sharp day of musicking and I'd just sit back and listen) 

zz (I play by myself - I don't know any "songs" but I can play for a hour by myself - high notes are at one end, low notes at the other.) 

zz Alas, my feeble participation would mock the quality and significance of the other players, so I'll pass. 

zz Ha! Any and all singers, having never had the chance to hear/be part of a good si gets club! 

zz I am not skilled enough to play with those with whom I'd love to play. 

zz I'd be happy to just have our Thursday's  back and the occasional Lanigans without so much nonsense 

zz I'd commit crimes to sing a bit with 

zz I'm not worthy! 

zz If I'm being aspirational (I don't know how "ideal" it would be because I don't really know their personalities, they just seem like interesting people to have tunes with): 

zz Just 5? 

zz ONLY FIVE??!! :-D 

Optional Q2 Where would your ideal session take place? 

(2) Greene's in Kinvara 

(3) Pub 

(5) At home 

(8) Local Pub 

A gazebo in a local park - nobody's a host or a guest, no money changes hands, just converge and play. 

A pub in Brittany 

A pub with a barkeeper and plenty of customers who love Irish music 

An old pub near the ocean on the west coast of Ireland 

Anywhere the craic is! 

Around a campfire on a warm summer night. 

Carnegie Hall NY 

Deserted Island 

Dora Keogh`s, Toronto 

Dorans Athboy 

Either a private island or time travel... 

Fairfield Gaelic American Club 

Favorite pub everywhere, forever! 

Fergie's Philadelphia 

Friel's Pub 

Goilin in Dublin (Parnell Square) 

Grafton pub in Chicago 

Henry's Upstairs in Lawrence, KS 

Home house, pub sessions, none in particular 

House Session 



Macnmara's in Donelson TN 

Massbrook House on the shores of Lough Conn in Mayo, Ireland 

McGurk's, St. Louis, Missouri 

Mountain/lakeside open air pavilion with fire blazing at the other end 

My living room 

No preference 

O'Connor's Pub, Doolin, Co. Clare 

On a riverbank at twilight 

One of the local sessions 

Princeton NJ - McCarter Theater 

Pub with a nice, sheltered nook 

Seamus O'Kane's house 

small pub 

Someplace close to home 

Somewhere very quiet 

The Cornerstone, Lahinch 

The Harbor Inn, Padstow, Cornwall 

The Hob in Bordentown, New Jersey USA 

The Kilkenny South Wimbledon 

The place where I lead a session: The Well, Wellfleet, MA 

The pub ~ where else 

The session is where you make it. I've seen beautiful Irish music made in every type of surroundings. 

The Snug 

The Telegraph (pub), Brixton Hill, London 

Ti Ruairi, Inis Oirr 

Tigh Hughes, An Spidéal 

Winkles Pub Kinvara (no longer in existence but brilliant place) 

z How do you know about the 6511 Club ? 

Optional Q3 Name nine other musicians (past or present) who you'd have play along with you in a ceili band? 

(2) Angelina Carberry 

(2) Bobby Casey 

(2) Brendan Dolan 

(2) Chuck O Donnell 

(2) Dale Russ 

(2) Danny O Mahoney 

(2) Hannah Devine 

(2) Harry Bradley 

(2) Jack Coen 

(2) Jimmy Devine 

(2) Joe Cooley 

(2) John Blake 

(2) Josh Dukes 

(2) Kevin Burke 

(2) Kevin Crawford 

(2) MacDara O Raghaillaigh 

(2) Maureen Glynn 

(2) Michael O Raghaillaigh 

(2) Pauline Conneely 

(2) Sharon Shannon 

(3) Felix Dolan 

(3) Joanie Madden 

(3) John Carty 

(3) Martin Byrne 

(3) Matt Malloy 

(3) Paddy Canny 

(3) Sean Gavin 

(3) Tommy Masterson (drums) 

(3)Catherine MacEvoy 

(5) Martin Hayes 

(6) Billy McComiskey 

(6) Liz Carroll 

(7) Jimmy Keane 

Aine griffin (flute) 

Andrew McNamara 

Aoife Clancy 

Aoife griffin 

Barbara Moore 

Barney McKenna 

Bernadette Fee 

Bernie Gannon ~ concertina 

Breanndan O' Beaglaoich 

Brendan Bulger (fiddle) 

Brendan Callahan 

Brendan Mulkere 

Brett Lipshutz 

Brian Conway 

Bruce Foley 

Bruce Molyneaux 

Caoimhín Ó Sé 

Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh 

Carmel Burke ~ button box 

Cath Taylor 

Cathy Hornberger 

Cathy Sky 

Charlie Lennon fiddle 

Chris Ferguson 

Chris Gray 

Christian Stevens 

Clodagh Ryan (concertina) 

Colin Farrel ~ fiddle 

Conal O Grada 

Connor Byrne 

Cormac Begley 

Daire Bracken 

Daithi Gormley 

Damien Connolly (Button accordion) 

Deirdre Corrigan 

Denis Murphy 

Dennis Cahill 

Devin Shepherd 

Dmitri Alano 

Dylan Carlos 

Dylan foley 

Eamon Doorley 

Elliott Grasso 

Father Charley Coen 

Fergal Scahill 

Frankie Gavin 

Geraldine Cotter piano 

Gustavo Lobão 

Hanz Araki 

Heather Lewin 

Ide Ní Fhaoláin 

Ivan Goff Flute 

J C Talty 

J J Flanagan 

Jackie Daley 

James Kelly 

Jane Kelton 

Jerry Moloney 

Jerry O'Sullivan 

Jesse Smith 

Jim Corry 

Jimmy Ward 

Joe Burke 

Joe Madden 

Joe Ryan 

Joey Abarta (pipes) 

John Bowe 

John Burke 

John Daly 

John Whelan 

Johnny (Ringo) McDonagh 

Johnny Connolly (JPP) 

Johnny Cronin 

Jonathan Whitall 

Joseph Browne fiddle 

Julia Clifford 

Kathleen Gavin (piano) 

Kathleen Witty 

Kathleen Witty O Donnell 

Kell Chole 

Kevin Brehony 

Kevin Brinn 

Kevin Madden ~ fiddle 

Larry Nugent 

Lexia Kennedy 

Liam o brien 

Lori Cole 

Marie Walsh 

Mark Donnellan 

Mark Maguire ~ Drums 

Martin Leahy 

Marty Fahey 

Mary Coogan 

Mary Katherine Victor 

Mary Rafferty 

Mary Shannon 

Mary Staunton 

Michael Mcgoldrick 

Michael Walsh ~ flute 

Mick O'Brien 

Mick O'Brien (flute) 

Mick O'Conner (banjo) 

Mick O'Connor 

Mick Tennyson ~ piano 

Mike Chole 

Mike Foreman 

Mila Maia 

Mrs Crotty concertina 

Myron Brettholz 

Natalie McMaster 

Oisin MacDiarmada 

Oliver Diviney 

Orla Leavy 

Orlaith McAuliffe 

Orlaith mcauliffe ~ flute 

Owen McKiernan 

P.J. Hayes 

Paddy Cronin 

Paddy Keenan 

Paddy Moloney 

Padraic Keane pipes 

Pat Broaders 

Patricia Clark 

Patrick Cannady 

Patrick Ourceau 

Patsy Hanly 

Patty Furlong 

Paul Phillips 

Peter Horan 

Pio Ryan 

PJOE Hayes 

Randy Gosa 

Rian Sheridan (fiddle) 

Richard Withers 

Robyn Jedlicka 

Roger Sherlock 

Ronan Browne 

Rory Chole 

Rose Flanagan (fiddle) 

Seamus Flaherty (drums) 

Sean McComiskey 

Sean Ryan (flute) 

Sharon Shannon 

Tes Slominski 

Tom Creegan 

Tom Doorley 

Tom Giblin 

Tom Hourican 

Tonny Linnane 

Tony McMahon 

Tony Nother 

Tony O'Connell 

Too hard! 

Trionagh Ni domhnall (keys) 

Troy MacGillivray 

Tyler Fry (drum) 

Vincent Broderick 

Zan MCloud 

zz (Assembling a ceili band is not as much a matter of finding the BEST musicians as finding the RIGHT musicians, since the individual players' musical personalities are subsumed into the group's collective character. So it's a matter of trial and error, artistically speaking. But there's something more: Everyone has to enjoy each other's company and feel that they have a good reason to be together. (That said, I'd probably play with whoever would have me!)) 

zz (Better question: 3 things you hate most in the world: Ceili Bands, Bone cancer in children, Your man with the orange face and the ridiculous combover running the country) 

zz (I wouldn't play in a Ceili Band, even though I enjoy listening to them!) 

zz (If they were desperate enough for me to play in a ceili band, I wouldn't burden them!) 

zz (It wouldn't be too good if I was playing along) 

zz (Never have played in a ceili band) 

zz (There are a lot of ways one could go with this.  My approach here is to build a competition-type band from musicians who I think I have some sense of, who I think would articulate well in terms of mutual respect, and who I think would gel as a "band."  I think it's hard to do this without knowing the personalities of all the musicians involved) 

zz And some bitchin' drummer 

zz Any that would have me. 

zz N/A 

zz No ceili experience 

zz Not fussed ceili band playing isn't as enjoyable as sessions