A huge thanks to Enda Scahill for interviewing me on his Inside the Banjoverse series.
As you all know, Enda is a lovely, insightful, and witty lad - and of course, one brilliant musician!
Below are a few tracks associated with our delightful conversation...
Thank you for visiting and listening - be well!

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From the Horse album: Track 179 
Doherty's March and The Moving On Song and The Peacock and Mother's Sorrow and Mother's Delight and The Mountain Road and McFadden's Handsome Daughter (2004) Concert (17:23) 

Jimmy Keane (box)  
Pat Broaders (vocal/bouzouki)
Sean Cleland (fiddle) 

I was glad that I found this live early version of this bohola set which was recorded at the back of the concert hall and I had forgotten about until I found the recording which the sound man gave me at the time. The box surely loves concert halls and the sound man must too... :-)

Mick Moloney, Robbie O'Connell, Jimmy Keane

From the Kilkelly album: 

Jimmy adapted the Maids of Selma from an air found in O’Neill’s Music of Ireland published in 1903 in Chicago. Unlike most tunes, the second part has sixteen rather than eight bars. 

The slip jig Lough Key is a composition of the late Larry Redican (1908-1975), a great fiddler, banjo player, and composer who spent most of his life in New York. 

The last tune was written by Chicago fiddler Liz Carroll in commemoration of her wedding reception, where the tables were really dancing! 

Mick Moloney: tenor banjo, guitar, tres  
Robbie O’Connell: guitar 
Jimmy Keane: piano accordion, elkavox

Jimmy Keane & Dennis Cahill

From the Horse album: Track 150 
On The Eve Of Christmas and Horse Keane's Hornpipe (2014) Concert (9:25) 
Jimmy Keane (box)
Dennis Cahill (guitar)

So all it took was for me to choke so Dennis would talk on stage... I’ve always loved the way we ended up playing these two tunes that evening — we just took out the instruments and plowed away...