In the halls of Irish music, one musician is unanimously recognized as the best at his instrument. The best who ever was. Jimmy Keane on piano accordion has become what it means to be the best in any art form. It is not enough to say he is a master musician. When it comes to the piano accordion, he is the maestro. The best. Period. No argument. My God, this man is a gift!”

— Bill Margeson (Irish Music Critic, Journalist, Presenter, Radio Host)

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H O R S E...

For your copy of Horse - click on the photo of the Horse and I above...

Interview with Enda Scahill...

A pleasure to spend an hour with the wonderful Enda Scahill on his Inside the Banjoverse program!

As an added feature, I've a few links to some music of bohola, Mick Moloney & Robbie O"Connell, and with myself and Dennis Cahill. You can listen to those tracks here on a page I set up for this episode - enjoy!!

And of course a banjotastic thank you to Enda!!


Jimmy Keane & Fergal Scahill

Jimmy Keane

Jimmy Keane & Matt Heaton

Jimmy Keane & Richard Mandel

Jimmy Keane

Jimmy Keane

Jimmy Keane

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