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Had a brilliant evening with Joanie Madden and the ladies from Cherish the Ladies (Mary Coogan, Roisin Dillon, Mirella Murray, KT Boyle, and Michelle Burke) along with the dancing crew including Joe Dwyer and Cara Butler, and soundman John Murray. My bohola bandmate Pat Broaders (and his wife Sara) were also in company for the show and after's. CTL performed their Christmas show in Park Forest at the Freedom Hall Theatre, which is a lovely place. The Christmas show was great fun itself with the Ladies playing and performing in stellar fashion. The chat we all had afterward in a hidden treasure of a pub called Freeh's Again in nearby Matteson was a complete blast!

Joanie told me that her family received a letter of thanks from two of the recipients of her late Dad Joe's eye's which went to two blind people who now have regained sight. A marvelous thing and something that we should all consider in our life plans. More information is available here

Years ago I was playing in the second location of the Emerald Isle Pub in Chicago with the late Mike Deignan, founder of the Irish Minstrels. We were in the middle of a set of tunes and I happened to open my eyes while playing, and lo and behold, there was this elderly gentleman weaving his way towards the stage (an apparent victim of half a dozen too many martini's) with the thumb of his right held up over a clinched fist as if he were a camera man scoping out his next shot. He eventually twisted his way to stage where he leaned over and gently placed his thumb on the front of my accordion, smiled, and wove his way back to bar. When I finished playing that set, I took the accordion off and there was this small round orange sticker with the words Organ Donor...

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