In the "now for something completely different" category -- musician, historian, and my buddy Bucky Halker interviewed me a few years back as part of the "Cultural Traditions of Ironworkers in America's Upper Midwest : Archie Green Fellows Project" for the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress. (I know) ;-) 


It was a pleasure to do and we bounced around a bit in the interview about a past life of mine. I'm sure I made a tonne of errors during the talk, but sure, what harm? Hope you enjoy it! Oh, the best part, there's an audio recording of my Dad, the Horse, singing. Also, another of the great song which Robbie O'Connell wrote about him, "The Man from Connemara" is included and some photos of the Horse working... Hup!!

Library of Congress Jimmy Keane interview

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