Jimmy McGowan

Jimmy McGowan (July 24, 1956 - July 20, 2014)
Jimmy McGowan died a few moments ago. He was surrounded by his loving family. He would have turned 58 on Thursday. He would have teed off at nine this morning -- after mass -- at Fountain Hills with a couple of his kids or a roving cast of friends. He would have met me at Lanigan's for a few jars and to catch a Bears, Hawks, or Sox game. He would laugh. He would kid. He would chat. He would smile. He would listen. He would bring comfort. He would bring an open mind. He would console. He would encourage. He would advise. He would shed a tear. He would shake his head in disbelief or in the are-you-f'in-nuts sort of way. He would share. He would give what he could and what he couldn't. He would speak with a glowing heart about his kids, his brothers and sister, his nieces and nephews, his Dad, his Bridie. He was a friend to all and a friend to me. He loved and was loved. He will be in my heart forever. Rest in peace McGowan

(Thank you McGowan family for letting me be part of Jimmy's final days -- you are as your son, father, brother, and uncle was...)

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