Maryann McTeague Keifer

I was with Maryann McTeague Keifer and her sister in the hospital Friday afternoon — I held Maryann’s hand and told her she was loved dearly by me and all who were fortunate enough to know her and be part of her gracious heart

Maryann was a joyful and tireless supporter and promoter of Irish Culture — particularly the beautiful music and song we are all part of in one form or another

She loved and cherished her music “kids” here and abroad as she did her own family — and Maryann adopted them one and all — even us older kids fell under the loving embrace of Maryann

Maryann was truly the Godmother of Irish music

Thirty minutes after I left her, I received a call that she had died and was relieved for her and the end of her physical pain — I also knew I left a bit of my heart with her

My condolences to her loving Tom and their daughter Christine, grandkids, brothers, sisters and to all who loved her…

Rest In Peace dear Maryann

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