What type of accordion(s) does Jimmy Keane play?

I currently play a custom-made* Italian accordion which I branded Cappal and has the following:
4 sets of hand made middle reeds (no treble couplers)
46 treble keys (starting on a low C)
120 bass

I also have another Cappal (my first custom-made one) as well as off the shelf accordions by: Beltuna, Saltarelle, Imperial, Paola Soprani, and several other generic accordions including a Bass accordion which I got from bodhran and hot sauce maker Albert Alfonso. That Bass accordion was used as a picture on one of the Talking Heads recordings (I must ask Albert which one it was)

All my accordions are maintained and modified by Pompilio Rosciani located here in Chicagoland

* This is the second custom-made accordion I had made. “Custom-made” is a funny word in Italian -- it translates roughly:

Custom-made (adjective)
We’ll give you about 80 to 90% of what you order in writing and pay for in advance. The rest is what we want to do without telling you and you find out when the accordion is delivered. Ciao!

fake mother-of-pearl is sooo much better looking than real wood.........

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