John Fron (1945-2018)

It is often said that you can’t choose your neighbors - but if you are as lucky as Susie and I were in this regard, you may end up with the best as we did with John and Vicki Fron and their family for the past twenty-five years. Sadly our friend John passed away suddenly on Sunday night, just a few weeks short of his 73rd birthday. 

John was a gregarious, friendly, helpful, and a generous old-school southsider soul who would drop what he was doing to lend a hand, a tool, or an abundance of spot-on-advice at the look of bewilderment from me staring at something around our home which I hadn’t a clue about how to fix. We would return the kindness in any manner we could whenever they were in need. 

We shared a fenceless yard. And even if we did have a fence, it would never be between us. 

And John and Vicki never minded me blaring away on the box or having rehearsals with a full PA in the garage. Unfortunately they never got a chance to go to a live show but I bet they memorized every flub I ever/always made... 

During warmer months when our late dogs would go on their walkabouts, if we couldn’t find them, the first place we’d head to was the Fron’s backdoor kitchen where we’d usually find Allie or Bailey paying them a visit for hugs and treats. 

Our heart breaks for Vicki, their children, and grandkids. 

To paraphrase: 

And like a good neighbor, John Fron was there. 

Rest In Peace John

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