Pride of the West

Just purchased a copy of a brilliant duet recording called “Pride of the West” with John Wynne (flute) and John McEvoy (fiddle) now available on CIC Records. I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing John Wynne on Friday Dec 7 during a two hour special Christmas show taping of Martin Donohoe’s Shannonside Radio Program due for broadcast on Christmas Day. More on that later... Anyway, I had met John McEvoy over thirty years ago in Dublin performing with his sister Catherine (flute) upstairs at Slattery’s. That was brilliant duet playing then and even more so now with Wynne & McEvoy. It ranks up there with my benchmark duet recording of “A Tribute to Michael Coleman” with Joe Burke and the late Andy McGann. That being said, both of the recordings would not be the same without the unrivaled “backers” on those respective recordings: Arty McGlynn on the former and Felix Dolan on the latter...

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